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By Vladimir S. Azarin

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In this ebook an account of the expansion idea of subharmonic services is given, that's directed in the direction of its purposes to whole features of 1 and a number of other advanced variables.

The presentation goals at changing the noble paintings of creating a whole functionality with prescribed asymptotic behaviour to a handicraft. For this one should still basically build the restrict set that describes the asymptotic behaviour of the full functionality.

All useful fabric is constructed in the booklet, for this reason will probably be Most worthy as a reference e-book for the development of whole functions.

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Let us consider the case m = 2. We have log Kz, |z − ζ| dμζ = 0 log dμz (t). t Integrating by parts we obtain log Kz, |z − ζ| dμζ = log μz (t) |0 + t ≤ −α t α−1 0 0 dt = μz (t) dt t 1 α α−α . Let us consider the case m ≥ 3. We have [|x − y|2−m − 2−m (t2−m − ]dμy = Kx,t 2−m )dμx (t) 0 = (t2−m − 2−m )μx (t) |0 +(m − 2) 0 ≤ m−2 α 0 m−2 tα−1 dt = α α−α μx (t) dt tm−2 . 3 (Ahlfors-Landkof Lemma) Let a set E ⊂ Rm be covered by balls with bounded radii such that every point is a center of a ball. Then there exists an at most countable subcovering of the same set with maximal multiplicity cr = cr(m).

The outer and inner capacity of any set E can be defined by the equalities capm (E) := inf capm (D); capm (E) := sup capm (K). D⊃E K⊂E A set E is called capacible if capm (E) = capm (E). 3 (Choquet) Every set E belonging to the Borel ring is capacible. , [La, Ch2, Thm. 8]. Sets which have “small size” are sets of zero capacity. We emphasize the following properties of these sets: j capZ1) If capm (E j ) = 0, j = 1, 2, . . then capm (∪∞ 1 E ) = 0; capZ2) Having the property of zero capacity does not depend on the type of capacity: Green, Wiener or logarithmic capacity that we define below.

Let us prove ap2). 2) we obtain 1 α(s)sm−1 M(x, s, u)ds. 1) that u 1 ≤ u 2 while 1 < 2 . 4). Using me3) we have M(x, s, u) ↓ u(x). 2. Thus 1 α(s)sm−1 u(x)ds = u(x). 4 (Symmetry of u ) If u(x) depends only on |x| then u depends only on |x|. Proof. Let V ∈ SO(m) be a rotation of Rm . Then u (V x) = u(y)α (V x − y)dy. Set y = V y and change the variables. We obtain u (V x) = u(V y )α (V (x − y ))dy. Since α = α (|x|) and u = u(|x|), α (V y) = α (y) and u(V y) = u(y). Thus u (V x) = u (x) for any V and thus u (x) = u (|x|).

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