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By Berndt B.C., Chan H.H., Zhang L.C.

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C. M. 1. Amer. Chem. , 95, 5747 (1973). 92. , Benveniste, P. A. 1. BioI. , 259, 15215 (1984). 93. D. and Pascal, RA. 1. BioI. , 265, 4989 (1990). 94. G. D. 1. BioI. , 267, 25856 (1992). 1 Introduction The ideal method to utilize for the extraction of lipid from a tissue should be one which will remove all the required lipophilic compounds efficiently without losses or artefact formation due to hydrolysis, autoxidation or other degradation. The most well-established solvent extraction-partitioning methods were those developed originally for animal tissues by Folch et at.

However, it has also been speculated that the ,18(14)_bond may Squalene -2,3-oxide ! HO III HO Cycloartenol Scheme 1-4 The cyclization of squalene-2,3-oxide in the chair-boat-chair-boat conformation to produce cycloartenol in photosynthetic organisms. It has been postulated that an X--group on the enzyme or some other factor participates to transiently neutralize the C-9 charge of the intermediate cation. This then permits the closure of the 9~, 19-cyclopropane ring to proceed by loss of a C-19 proton in accord with the requirements of 1,2-trans migrations and eliminations [32, 35,40, 52, 60,66] .

The use of campestane or stigmastane implies a (24R)-configuration while ergostane or poriferastane implies the (24S)-configuration, which are clearly not relevant to sterols with unsaturation at C-24. g. 24-methylcholesta-5,24(241)-dien-3~-ol. g. ergosta-5,24(241)-dien-3~-01 and stigmasta-5,24-dien-3~-ol. Because such names are in wide and well-understood usage we suggest that the ergostane- and stigmastane-based names can be retained despite the implication they may carry of C-24 chirality. , as in 77 (5a-cholest-7-en-3~-01) and 78 (cholesta-5,7-dien3~,24~-diol).

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Explicit evaluations of the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction by Berndt B.C., Chan H.H., Zhang L.C.

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